This is a common and troublesome condition leading to infected pits in the skin which collect dead hairs and can lead to multiple discharging points
in an area of skin around the main pit. The commonest area for getting pilonidal sinuses is over the lower part of the back between the buttocks.

What symptoms would I have?

Pain, bleeding and discharge are the commonest symptoms people report to their GP, however some people come to Accident and Emergency with an
abscess in the area which is sometimes the first they know about having this problem.

What is the treatment?
In the emergency setting, an abscess has to be drained by opening up the skin over the infection. Often this will lead to the underlying pilonidal sinus
healing, however sometimes this then forms into a chronic pionidal sinus with the symptoms listed above. Surgery to remove all the diseased tissue
is the only long term solution to deal with this problem, although there are different operations available depending on the size and position of the
affected area. Each sinus is dealt with on an individual basis and I will talk you through the options available in clinic.