Skin tags around the back passage are extremely common. They are often the consequence of other problems in this area such as piles or anal fissures.
They are scarred areas of skin which sometimes get bigger in time but often will just stay about the same time indefinitely.

What symptoms do they cause?
Skin tags themselves rarely cause symptoms, however if they are related to conditions such as piles then there may be itching or irritation which are
attributed to the skin tags. Sometimes, the presence of skin tags can cause problems cleaning the back passage after passing a stool which in turn can
cause concerns about hygiene and problems such as itching.

What can be done about them?

The only treatment for skin tags is to remove them with a short, day case operation, performed under general or spinal anaesthetic. It is usually painful
afterward for a time when the bowels work but this usually settles within a couple of weeks. That said, in actual fact skin tags usually do not need to be
removed as they are not dangerous and if they are not causing problems then they can be safely left alone. In clinic I will discuss the options with you
to arrive at a decision as to whether your skin tags need to be removed or not.